S. K. Abdulrahim

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Explanations for immigrant health outcomes often invoke culture through the use of the concept of acculturation. The over reliance on cultural explanations for immigrant health outcomes has been the topic of growing debate, with the critics' main concern being that such explanations obscure the impact of structural factors on immigrant health disparities.(More)
Objectives. This report describes and examines factors significantly associated with smoking among Chinese Americans, using multiple logistic regression methods. Methods. We conducted a population-based survey (n = 644, age = 40-69 years) in Chicago's Chinatown using a Chinese questionnaire based on the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). Results.(More)
Arab Americans are a growing minority in the U.S., yet only a few studies have examined their health utilizing representative samples. Using data from the 2003 Detroit Arab American Study, which is based on a probability sample, we examined the self-rated health (SRH) of Arab Americans by two measures of acculturation--immigrant status and language(More)
OBJECTIVES In Arab countries, the proportion of older adults is rapidly increasing, highlighting the need to conduct research on factors that influence aging. We describe the context-specific challenges faced and the solutions negotiated during the conduct of a survey study on family relations and aging in Greater Beirut, Lebanon. METHOD Drawing on the(More)
Self-rated health (SRH) is used as an outcome measure in a vast number of epidemiologic studies, yet conceptual research into what the variable captures among diverse ethnic and immigrant groups remains limited. Utilizing data from 46 in-depth interviews among adult Arab immigrants in the United States, we examined the general criteria used to explain an(More)
The white racial category in the U.S. encompasses persons who have Arab ancestry. Arab Americans, however, have always occupied a precarious position in relationship to Whiteness. This study examined differences in reporting racial/ethnic discrimination among Arab Americans. It also investigated whether and how the association between discrimination and(More)
DOI 10.1024/1662-9647/a000076 Abstract. This paper documents experiences of stress among people 18+ (N = 500) in Beirut, Lebanon. We investigate the extent to which social relations function as a stabilizing factor for psychological health. Regression analyses indicate a curvilinear link between stress and psychological health. Both low and high levels of(More)
This study examined the association between place and components of social capital among adolescents living in three impoverished communities outside of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. We utilized a unique data set that includes a wide range of social capital items to assess the association between place, social capital and self rated health. The(More)
BACKGROUND Socio-economic inequalities in the incidence of heart disease exist in developed countries. No data are available on the relation between heart disease and socio-economic status in Arab countries. This study examined the relation between heart disease and socio-economic status (income and education) among adults in Lebanon. METHODS The study(More)