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The toxic effect of mercuric ions on intestinal cholinergic neurotransmission was investigated in vitro. Hg2+ inhibited the evoked release and enhanced the resting release of ACh. Smooth muscle contraction was irreversibly inhibited by Hg2+ in a concentration-dependent manner, and Na2EDTA did not antagonize this effect. We also investigated if Hg2+ enters(More)
In a previous paper, we reported on nickel sensitivity in 2400 consecutive patients in 5 countries. 3 years later, we reassessed 104 of the 157 nickel-positive patients of this former study and found 13 now to be negative to nickel sulphate. Nearly all the others can no longer tolerate nickel contact. 68 patients were free from nickel dermatitis, 16 showed(More)
In 2400 consecutive patients at 8 clinics in 5 countries, nickel hypersensitivity was found in 176 cases (7.3%), 19 male (2.1%) and 157 female (10.5%). The incidence ranged from 15 to 38 cases in 300 patients of every department (5.0% Sofia to 12.7% Erfurt). 60.6% of the nickel positives were schoolgirls or younger than 25 years. The exposure time was 3(More)