S. Juneja

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For a discrete-time finite-state Markov chain, we develop an adaptive importance sampling scheme to estimate the expected total cost before hitting a set of terminal states. This scheme updates the change of measure at every transition using constant or decreasing step-size stochastic approximation. The updates are shown to concentrate asymptotically in a(More)
Tooth carving is an important practical preclinical exercise in the curriculum in Indian dental education setup. It forms the basis of introduction to tooth anatomy, morphology and occlusion of primary and permanent teeth through practical approach. It requires enormous time and manpower to master the skill. Therefore, there is an imminent necessity to(More)
INTRODUCTION Forensic odontology is a branch that is evolving over time and has opened newer avenues that may help in the identification of individuals. Tooth prints are the enamel rod end patterns on tooth surface and they are considered as a hard tissue analog to fingerprints. Teeth have the highest resistance to most environmental effects like fire,(More)
INTRODUCTION Determination of age of a subject is one of the most important aspects of medico-legal cases and anthropological research. Radiographs can be used to indirectly measure the rate of secondary dentine deposition which is depicted by reduction in the pulp area. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study, 200 patients of Karnataka aged between 18-72(More)
Background: Due to Lesotho's high adult HIV prevalence (23%), considerable resources have been allocated to the HIV/AIDS response, while resources for non-communicable diseases have lagged. Since November 2011, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) has supported Lesotho Ministry of Health to roll out Family Health Days (FHDs), an innovative(More)
  • N S N Ch, Monis Iyengar, Pranav Huda, Saurabh Juneja, V Jain, Vijayasherly
  • 2009
Data intensive applications that rely heavily on huge databases waste a lot of time in searching and retrieval especially if there is a single server retrieving data from the database. This paper proposes a Beowulf cluster for fast query processing by distributing the database horizontally over nodes through a load balancing act. A mathematical model is(More)
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