S. Jothilakshmi

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Machine Translation is an essential approach for localization, and is especially appropriate in a linguistically diversenation like India. Automatic translation between languages which are morphologically rich and syntactically different is generally regarded as a complex task. A number of machine translation systems have been proposed in literature. But,(More)
In this paper we propose an unsupervised approach to speaker segmentation using autoassociative neural network (AANN). Speaker segmentation aims at finding speaker change points in a speech signal which is an important preprocessing step to audio indexing, spoken document retrieval and multi speaker diarization. The method extracts the speaker specific(More)
Spoken keywords detection is essential to organize efficiently lots of hours of audio contents such as meetings, radio news, etc. These systems are developed with the purpose of indexing large audio databases or of detecting keywords in continuous speech streams. This paper addresses a new approach to spoken keyword detection using Autoassociative Neural(More)
This paper addresses the issues in segmentation of continuous speech into sub-word units of speech using Formants and support vector machines (SVMs). Many studies have been conducted to identify and discriminate vowels and consonants using acoustic/articulatory differences. In this study the continuous speech is segmented into smaller speech units and each(More)
The Sign Language Recognition is the most popular research area involving computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing. Many techniques have been developed recently in these fields. Sign languages are used for communication and interface. There are various types of systems available for Sign Language Recognition. Sign Language Recognition is a(More)