S. Jothi Prasanna

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The main objective of this paper is to design Evolutionary Game Theory (EGT) based overlay network structure with the combination of network reciprocity and group selection mechanisms to achieve evolutionary cooperation among individual nodes. Each node in the proposed network structure has ability to detect the DDoS attacks using Non-parametric sliding(More)
Now a day's computer networks are very popular, so network attacks are inevitable. As a consequence, any complete security package includes a network Intrusion Detection System (nIDS). This work focuses on nIDSs which work by scanning the network traffic. We have combined classifiers based on packet header information with classifiers based on payload(More)
Mobile ad hoc network is an effective networking system which facilitates exchanging data between wireless devices, without the support of wireless access points and base stations. Providing secure communication is a major research avenue in MANETs because of the dynamic topology due to mobility and energy constraint. To ensure security ID - based key(More)
Most of the e-commerce and m-commerce applications in the current e-business world, has adopted asymmetric key cryptography technique in their authentication protocol to provide an efficient authentication of the involved parties. This paper exhibits the performance analysis of distinct authentication protocol which implements the public key cryptography(More)
— The proposal of this paper presents a measurement-based routing algorithm to load balance intra domain traffic along multiple paths for multiple multicast sources. Multiple paths are established using application-layer overlaying. The proposed algorithm is able to converge under different network models, where each model reflects a different set of(More)
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