S. Josefin Dahlbom

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Social defeat is a common model for studies on depression. However, such models are most often used to study aggression in males and sex differences in depression may therefore be overseen. This study investigated the potential of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a model for male and female aggression. In addition, effects on the brain serotonergic and(More)
This study explored if boldness could be used to predict social status. First, boldness was assessed by monitoring individual zebrafish behaviour in (1) an unfamiliar barren environment with no shelter (open field), (2) the same environment when a roof was introduced as a shelter, and (3) when the roof was removed and an unfamiliar object (Lego® brick) was(More)
In social species animals tend to adjust their social behaviour according to the available social information in the group, in order to optimize and improve their one social status. This changing environment requires for rapid and transient behavioural changes that relies primarily on biochemical switching of existing neural networks. Monoamines and(More)
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