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Diatoms are unicellular algae, which fabricates ornate biosilica shells called frustules that possess a surface rich in reactive silanol (Si-OH) groups. The intrinsic patterned porous structure of diatom frustules at nanoscale can be exploited in the effective detection of biomolecules. In this study, the frustules of a specific diatom Amphora sp. has been(More)
This paper introduces a distributed image processing system based on service oriented architecture (SOA). SOA offers considerable flexibility in aligning IT functions and business processes and goals. Each phase in image processing system is viewed as a Web service operated on the Internet. The Web service provides various functions of pre-processing, noise(More)
A main characteristic element of any artificial neural network (ANN) is an activation function since their results are used as a starting point for any complex ANN application. This paper is about design and implementation of single neuron with three different types of activation function sigmoid, linear and threshold activation function. Activation(More)
Natural fiber thermoplastic components in the automotive industry can afford the advantages of weight, cost reduction and recyclability, compared to conventional materials. Handlings of natural fibers in automotive exterior and interior components are essential to recover eco-efficiency and renewability. Natural fibers have recently become affordable to(More)
Actual system is difficult to handle, set up to evaluate the performance of a wheel loading system, the simulation package should be available to estimate the performance of the system with a chosen robot The automated wheel assembling system reduces human effort time, energy. The continous work is done with the robot accurately. Here the camera is replaced(More)
In Data Mining, the effectiveness of association rules is limited by the huge quantity of delivered rules. In this manuscript, we propose a new approach to prune and filter discovered rules. An interactive and iterative framework is designed to assist the user along the analyzing task. The manuscript focus on medical data test set for detailed analysis and(More)
Fingerprints are still the most important method for the recognition of criminal. Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) has improved tremendously with storage, search and matching of fingerprints without human need. A fingerprint is an individual feature of all humans. No two fingers have identical ridge characteristics. In crime scenes, the(More)
Web caching has been recognized as an effective scheme to alleviate the service bottleneck and reduce the network traffic, thereby minimizing the user access latency on the Internet. Increased number of subscribers and massive amount of Web content have caused an augment in the access network load of network service providers (NSP). To address this problem,(More)
This paper deals with the design of an automated system for ration shop using fingerprint and e-card reader. The proposed system applies integrated security processing and introduces the verification chamber that analyses three categories of people like Above Poverty Line, Below Poverty Line and Antyodaya, which allows rights rendered to a right citizen.(More)
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