S. Jeyadevi

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  • Lieutenant. J. Ganesan, S. Jeyadevi, Edison Selvaraj
  • 2014
In the last decades, it has been observed that the properties of the enamel used in the induction motor were improved by adding the nano fillers to it. The performance of the motor was also improved by using the enamel filled with the nano fillers. In this paper, the harmonic distortion of the single phase induction motor coated with Al 2 O 3 nano filler(More)
— This Paper presents the methodology of penetration of Micro-Grids (MG) in the radial distribution system (RDS). The aim of this paper is to minimize a total real power loss that descends the performance of the radial distribution system by integrating various renewable resources as Distributed Generation (DG). The combination of different types of(More)
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