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Our main result is to correlate the graph splicing scheme of Rudolf Freund with semi graphs introduced by E. Sampathkumar [10]. We get characterization of DNA structure after splicing in terms of semi graph to show some splicing graph properties. In this paper, we introduce semi graph folding for the DNA splicing system and show that any n-cut spliced semi(More)
The Cartesian composition A · B of a strongly connected automaton Group A and a cyclic commutative automaton Group B is defined. It is shown that the endomorphism monoid E(A · B) of automaton A· B is a Clifford monoid. Finally, a representation of A · B is provided by regular Clifford monoid matrix type automaton. This(More)
Splicing system is proposed to model the recombinant behaviour of DNA molecules. This paper introduces the concept of double cross-over splicing in circular arrays. The theoretical result as persistence in circular array splicing give rise to important properties. we obtained recursively enumerable language L for any double cross-over circular array(More)
The hypercube is a generalization of 3-cube to n dimensions, also called an n-cube or measure polytope. In this paper we define boundary edNCE recursive graph grammar and generate the language for the hypercube. For a graph grammar G with a graph-theoretical property, let be the language L(G) squeezed with i.e., This paper presents result on(More)
A unilateral graph representation is used for representing a network with a minimum of 3 nodes. A nearly closed network is identified from the various possible combinations of the formed network, with respect to the direction of communication. The possible number of bypass nodes are identified from the combination and tabulated. The same representation was(More)
In a Parallel Communicating Grammar System the components of a grammar system can also work in parallel (each having its own rewriting form) and communicate to each other in some way(sending the currently generated resultant graph to other components). In this paper we define parallel communicating edNCE graph grammar and parallel communicating ETPL(k)(More)
Last class, we followed the approach of Arrow [1], and derived a set of axioms that any " sensible " voting scheme should satisfy. These axioms were: Monotonicity : If candidate A is ranked ahead of candidate B, and some voters previously preferring B over A change their ranking to place A ahead of B, then A still ends up ahead of B. Non-triviality : For(More)
There are several search engine optimization (SEO) sites on the web today aimed at improving the visibility of their clients' web pages. For a search engine like Google, this is done by boosting the PageRank [2] of the client's pages. This is also a common webspamming technique. To understand how this works, we need to first understand some of the internal(More)
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