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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The purpose was to study the agreement between cardiac output measurements with electrical velocimetry vs. intermittent thermodilution before and after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. METHODS Cardiac output was measured simultaneously with electrical velocimetry and intermittent thermodilution before and immediately after(More)
The article is survaing sone of the latest developement in anaesthesiology. Dilemmas are pointed out in the filed of toxicity of anaestetics and use of scavenging devices. In intravenous anaesthesia ketamine microdrip and new analgesics have widened the scope and the anaesthetist today can chose from a biger pool of i.v. anaesthetic to pick the one best(More)
In a controlled randomized study, 21 patients who received a combination of ketamine and flunitrazepam with relaxation and N2O/O2-ventilation were compared with 20 patients who received neuroleptic analgesia (NLA) for intra-abdominal surgery. The two groups of patients were comparable with respect to age, sex, type of surgery, time of operation and(More)
Treatment of severe craniocerebral traumas in medium and major hospitals not provided with special neurosurgical equipment requires particularly close interdisciplinary cooperation between surgeons, neurologists and anaesthesiologists. CT facilities are an essential prerequisite for best possible patient care. Patient safety during the posttraumatic and(More)