S. Jay Mosso

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A number of advances in modeling multiphase incom-pressible ow are described. These advances include high-order Godunov projection methods, unsplit piece-wise linear interface reconstruction and tracking and the continuum surface force model. Various aspects of projection methods and high-order Godunov methods are expanded upon where they are important to(More)
We thank George Yates for numerous valuable comments, for excellent computational assistance in developing the maximum likelihood estimator used in this paper, and for assisting in the study of accuracy bounds for the computational algorithm. We thank Edward Sung and Jake Torcasso for their outstanding research assistance. We have benefited greatly from(More)
We model the different ways in which precedents and contract standardization shape the development of markets and the law. In a setup where more resourceful parties can distort contract enforcement to their advantage, we find that the introduction of a standard contract reduces enforcement distortions relative to precedents, exerting two effects: i) it(More)
  • Nicola Gennaioli, Enrico Perotti, Giacomo Ponzetto, Giacomo A M Ponzetto Crei, U Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Gse +13 others
  • 2014
In a model where biased judges can distort contract enforcement, we uncover positive feedback e¤ects between the use of innovative contracts and legal evolution that improve veri…ability and contracting over time. We …nd, however, that the cost of judicial bias also grows over time because the unpredictable application of precedents becomes costlier as the(More)
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