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The instrumentation in Hall A at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility was designed to study electroand photo-induced reactions at very high luminosity and good momentum and angular resolution for at least one of the reaction products. The central components of Hall A are two identical high resolution spectrometers, which allow the vertical(More)
N. Liyanage,17 B. D. Anderson,13 K. A. Aniol,2 L. Auerbach,29 F. T. Baker,7 J. Berthot,1 W. Bertozzi,17 P.-Y Bertin,1 L. Bimbot,22 W. U. Boeglin,5 E. J. Brash,24 V. Breton,1 H. Breuer,16 E. Burtin,26 J. R. Calarco,18 L. Cardman,30 G. D. Cates,23 C. Cavata,26 C. C. Chang,16 J.-P. Chen,30 E. Cisbani,12 D. S. Dale,14 R. De Leo,10 A. Deur,1 B. Diederich,21 P.(More)
K. G. Fissum,* M. Liang, B. D. Anderson, K. A. Aniol, L. Auerbach, F. T. Baker, J. Berthot, W. Bertozzi, P.-Y. Bertin, L. Bimbot, W. U. Boeglin, E. J. Brash, V. Breton, H. Breuer, E. Burtin, J. R. Calarco, L. S. Cardman, G. D. Cates, C. Cavata, C. C. Chang, J.-P. Chen, E. Cisbani, D. S. Dale, C. W. de Jager, R. De Leo, A. Deur, B. Diederich, P. Djawotho, J.(More)
We measured the cross section and response functions for the quasielastic 16O(e,e'p) reaction for missing energies 25< or =E(m)< or =120 MeV at missing momenta P(m)< or =340 MeV/c. For 25<E(m)<50 MeV and P(m) approximately 60 MeV/c, the reaction is dominated by a single 1s(1/2) proton knockout. At larger P(m), the single-particle aspects are increasingly(More)
We report a virtual Compton scattering study of the proton at low c.m. energies. We have determined the structure functions P(LL)-P(TT)/epsilon and P(LT), and the electric and magnetic generalized polarizabilities (GPs) alpha(E)(Q2) and beta(M)(Q2) at momentum transfer Q(2)=0.92 and 1.76 GeV2. The electric GP shows a strong falloff with Q2, and its global(More)
M. K. Jones,1 K. A. Aniol,7 F. T. Baker,4 J. Berthot,6 P. Y. Bertin,6 W. Bertozzi,22 A. Besson,6 L. Bimbot,26 W. U. Boeglin,10 E. J. Brash,5 D. Brown,21 J. R. Calarco,23 L. S. Cardman,30 C.-C. Chang,21 J.-P. Chen,30 E. Chudakov,30 S. Churchwell,8 E. Cisbani,15 D. S. Dale,18 R. De Leo,14 A. Deur,6,30 B. Diederich,25 J. J. Domingo,30 M. B. Epstein,7 L. A.(More)
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