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A commercial yeast culture feed supplement (YC; Celmanax SCP, Vi-COR, Mason City, IA) was provided to turkeys throughout a 16-wk grow-out to determine if it would prevent the effects of stress on production and pathogen colonization. The YC was provided either continuously at 100 g/t (YC-CS) or intermittently during times of stress at 200 g/t (YC-IS). Birds(More)
A balance trial experiment was carried out to evaluate the potential relationship between an enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast (EHY) and yeast culture combined with a live Bacillus subtilis (Bs) on the productive parameters, ileal digestibility, retention of nutrient and energy and villus morphology in broilers. Seventy two 28 d old, Ross B308 male broilers(More)
Broiler breeders hatched from Salmo-nella negative grandparents received either zero or 50 g/MT of refined functional carbohydrates (RFC) in their diets from d of placement to end of lay. There were no other treatments used. Pullets and cockerels were reared separately in an enclosed litter-floor house to 21 wk of age when 28 randomly selected pullets from(More)
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