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Grid applications require allocating a large number of heterogeneous tasks to distributed resources. A good allocation is critical for efficient execution. However, many existing grid toolkits use matchmaking strategies that do not consider overall efficiency for the set of tasks to be run. We identify two families of resource allocation algorithms:(More)
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), a neuerodevelopmental disability in children is a cause of major concern. The children with ASDs find it difficult to express and recognize emotions which makes it hard for them to interact socially. Conventional methods use medicinal means, special education and behavioral analysis. They are not always successful and are(More)
We construct examples of non-separable Isotropic Multiresolution Analyses (IMRA) for L 2 (R d). We develop a wave equation based poststack depth migration scheme using the frames arising from IMRA. If we discretise the signal at only one resolution level, then the method reduces to a so-called explicit scheme (see for example [8, 10]). The multiscale(More)
We have measured the W boson mass using the DØ detector and a data sample of 82 pb Ϫ1 from the Fermilab Tevatron collider. This measurement uses W→e␯ decays, where the electron is close to a boundary of a central electromagnetic calorimeter module. Such ''edge'' electrons have not been used in any previous DØ analysis, and represent a 14% increase in the W(More)
System structure and a 2GHz product application result are described for a domino synthesis capability that covers all aspects of domino design, from estimation to silicon-ready layout, with custom-class optimization. The described optimization flow, abstraction modes, and key cost factors deliver power-optimized, noise-correct domino performance on complex(More)
In this paper, we use level set methods to numerically generate the minimum-time optimal velocity profiles for a vehicle with given acceleration limits driving along a specified path. The proposed approach solves the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation associated with the given optimal control problem by computing the level sets of the value function.(More)
The DO " Collaboration has studied for the first time the properties of hadron-collider jets reconstructed with a successive-combination algorithm based on relative transverse momenta (k Ќ) of energy clusters. Using the standard value Dϭ1.0 of the jet-separation parameter in the k Ќ algorithm, we find that the p T of such jets is higher than the E T of(More)