S. Jafar Hosseini

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INTRODUCTION The relationship between demographic and biochemical characteristics, including several established coronary risk factors, and serum copper and zinc was assessed in a large Iranian population sample. MATERIALS AND METHODS A group of 2233 individuals, 15-65 years of age [1106 (49.5%) males and 1127 (50.5%) females] was recruited from residents(More)
UNLABELLED The new concept in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is based on a less invasive, more accurate and effective strategy, with a multidisciplinary approach in a specialised breast unit. When indicated, conservative surgery has replaced mastectomy with sentinel-node biopsy substituting routine axillary dissection. But the key factor in respect(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to visuo-haptic perception of grasping/manipulative tasks. The proposed approach is founded on a hierarchical Bayesian model which integrates the visual information with the haptic data to reach a reasonable percept of what is happening in grasping tasks. The primary goal of the approach is to identify what type of(More)
The Asian cheetah is known as Iranian panther. A four years old female cheetah was killed in a road accident by a truck in Abbas Abad (Biarjamand) County around Shahrood City in Semnan Province, central part of Iran. Two days after the accident the carcass of animal was autopsied and only five cestodes were obtained from its intestine. In inspection of(More)