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An analysis of the technique and the results of anterior transposition compared to standard recession surgery on the inferior oblique muscle has been presented. Several potential advantages of anterior transposition have been suggested. Certainly, more data are required to corroborate the conclusion of this study and to more clearly delineate the(More)
We discuss nine cases of persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous seen recently, including mode of presentation, management and postsurgical follow-up. Emphasis is placed on early operative intervention in order to preserve the globe, as well as to prevent irremedial stimulus deprivation amblyopia. The advantages of roto-extraction in the surgical approach(More)
A case report of a simulated Brown's tendon sheath syndrome is presented which masks as an orbital floor fracture with entrapment. Despite a positive forced traction test, additional diagnostic information such as a normal tomographic exam of the orbital floor, vertical saccadic up gaze velocity measurements consistent with edema and hemorrhage, greater(More)
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