S J Mathes

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This study examined changes in cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence as measured by the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 in a sample of 50 female high school gymnasts prior to their performances at a practice session, dual meet, and district championship meet. The purpose of the study was to examine (1) the relationship between state(More)
A replication of the "levels effect" and reported correlation of "projection" and "pathology" was undertaken using a selected set of Thematic Apperception Test (Murray, 1943) cards varied for ambiguity and scored for pathology and projection. The levels effect was not found for pathology in either a normal or psychiatric group, but was found for projection(More)
The anterior course of the inferior alveolar neurovascular canal was determined in 52 hemimandibles using high-resolution radiographs. Significant variability was found in its course. It was noted that if the osteotomies for sliding genioplasty were performed at least 6 mm below the inferior border of the mental foramen, injury to the mental nerve would be(More)
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