S. J. Lee

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Many applications, such as telecommunication, process control, and virtual reality, require real-time access to database. Main-memory DBMS, which becomes feasible with the increasing availability of large and relatively cheap memory, can provide better performance than disk-based systems for real-time applications. This paper presents an overall(More)
Loss of the RB1 gene is an important event in the initiation and progression of many tumours. Prostate tissue from 43 patients with prostate cancers and ten with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) were studied for loss of heterozygosity of the RB1 gene. Four intragenic polymorphic loci were studied with two techniques. These were restriction fragment length(More)
CONTEXT Pancreatic metastases are relatively common in advanced lung cancers (both small cell lung carcinoma and non-small cell lung carcinoma), but metastasis-induced acute pancreatitis is very unusual. CASE REPORT A 51-year-old woman with small cell carcinoma of the lung developed acute pancreatitis as the initial manifestation. Abdominal(More)
The incidence and predisposing factors of urinary calculi are generally the same in both pregnant and non pregnant women, but anatomic changes during pregnancy make diagnosis and treatment a more challenging issue. We reviewed 16 patients (22 stones) of urinary stone during pregnancy between 1986 and 1996 at Kyung Hee Medical Center. The most common symptom(More)
M 2 RTSS is a main-memory storage system, which has been under recent development at Seoul National University as a vehicle for high-performance and real-time database application research. To deal with requirements from various applications, M 2 RTSS architecture is designed to have extensibility in many aspects of storage system functionality. One crucial(More)
Salmonellosis is an important zoonotic disease that affects both people and animals. The incidence of reptile-associated salmonellosis has increased in Western countries due to the increasing popularity of reptiles as pets. In Korea, where reptiles are not popular as pets, many zoos offer programs in which people have contact with animals, including(More)
Infantile hemangioendothelioma is a severe disease with a high mortality. It is characterized by multiple hemangioma affecting the skin and visceral organs. We report that high doses of methylprednisolone pulse therapy improved symptoms and signs of infantile hemangioendothelioma in a male neonate, and completely resolved the hepatic and cutaneous(More)
Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis is such an extremely rare disease in Korea, that only a few cases have been reported. Meanwhile five cases were experienced at Seoul National University Hospital over ten years since 1987. We summarized the clinical characteristics and courses of them. Seven cases reported in the literature were included to add data about(More)
We report a case of primary fibroepithelial polyp of the right midureter. The patient was a 41-year-old-woman, complaining of right flank pain. An excretory urogram revealed right hydronephrosis and a filling defect of the the right midureter. The filling defect was produced by a large fibroepithelial polyp that was diagnosed and removed by ureteroscopy(More)