S. J. Lee

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Many applications, such as telecommunication, process control, and virtual reality, require real-time access to database. Main-memory DBMS, which becomes feasible with the increasing availability of large and relatively cheap memory, can provide better performance than disk-based systems for real-time applications. This paper presents an overall(More)
M 2 RTSS is a main-memory storage system, which has been under recent development at Seoul National University as a vehicle for high-performance and real-time database application research. To deal with requirements from various applications, M 2 RTSS architecture is designed to have extensibility in many aspects of storage system functionality. One crucial(More)
The pulp test provides a means of examining the vitality of dental pulp using physical or chemical stimulation. During electrical pulp testing, an electrical current stimulates the intradental nerve, which may be painful and stressful to patients. The study involved measurement of the electromyogram (EMG) from the anterior belly of the digastric muscle,(More)