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With the rapid change and development in the sector of Information Technology and in Network technologies; the value of data and information is also increased. Today lot of valuable data is generated using many computers based application and stored back to the company database. But unfortunately, the threat to the same data is also increasing rapidly. So,(More)
Recovery of partially damage, corrupted and modified image plays very important role in Digital Image processing. The technique used to recover damaged image is called as Image Inpainting. In this paper we studied and reviewed two algorithms Exemplar Base Inpainting & Progressive Image Inpainting based on Wavelet Transform. These algorithms uses patch based(More)
In this paper, we present an improved association rule mining of data mining for the detection of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). The whole concept behind the research is carried out by using a heart disease database, which is collected from different locations and from different patients. It is actually collected from 303 random visitors to Tehran's(More)
Association Rule is an important tool for today data mining technique. But this work only concern with positive rule generation till now. This paper gives study for generating negative and positive rule generation as demand of modern data mining techniques requirements. Here also gives detail of “A method for generating all positive and negative Association(More)
In today's world data is rapidly and continuously growing and is not constant in nature. There is a problem to deal with such kind of evolving data, as it is impractical to store and process this streaming data. Also, in real world application, the data which is coming is typically noisy, has some missing values, redundant features, and thus very large(More)
IEEE 802.11 is wireless local area network standard, and most popular in current era of communication and information sharing between numerous of devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops & computers etc., there is need to make it more robust and reliable so that it will be efficient near to leased line in information sharing without distortions. In this(More)