S J Kilkenny

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Serum levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) may be raised for up to 2 years before clinical presentation of primary hepatocellular carcinoma (PHC). A group of people judged to be at high risk of PHC because of long-term serological positivity for hepatitis B surface antigen, ethnicity, location of residence, and a strong family history of PHC were screened for(More)
High rates of hepatitis B virus infection and primary hepatocellular carcinoma are present among Alaskan Natives. To determine if primary hepatocellular carcinoma could be detected at an early surgically resectable stage, serological screening for elevated alpha-fetoprotein levels was done semiannually among Alaskan Natives infected with hepatitis B virus.(More)
Recognizing that injury is the leading cause of death and disability for virtually all age groups in Alaska, a trauma task force was developed in the Anchorage area in the early 1980s. This task force established the trauma registry pilot project in the state of Alaska. The Emergency medical Services Section, Department of Health and Social Services(More)
Forty-two patients with oesophageal cancer were identified among Alaskan Natives from 1955 through 1981. Based on rates for US whites, there were 1.3 and 3.8 times the number of Native men and women diagnosed with oesophageal cancer as expected. Forty of the patients were Eskimo or Aleut, resulting in an incidence for Eskimo-Aleuts of 10.9 for males and 8.3(More)
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