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The convex hulls of sets of n points in two and three dimensions can be determined with O(n log n) operations. The presented algorithms use the “divide and conquer” technique and recursively apply a merge procedure for two nonintersecting convex hulls. Since any convex hull algorithm requires at least O(n log n) operations, the time complexity(More)
An online tail breaking force measurement method is developed with a proximity sensor between wire clamp and horn. The wire under the tensile load measures about 1.5 cm extending from the bond location to the wire clamp. To increase the sensitivity, the bondhead speed is reduced to 2 mm/s during breaking the tail bond. It takes roughly 10 ms to break the(More)
A 43-year-old woman, whose physical findings were consistent with Marfan's syndrome, presented with acute chest pain. Transthoracic two-dimensional echocardiography demonstrated dilated ascending aorta with a circular shape intimal flap at the root level. Subsequently, the patient required transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), but during esophageal(More)
The frequency distribution of cardiovascular disease are changing recently due to the development of living environment. Unfortunately there are few epidemiological studies of cardiovascular diseases in general population, we tried to estimate the recent trend of cardiovascular diseases studying hospitalized patients in nationwide 13 large hospitals during(More)
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