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Modern society relies on a web of physical network infrastructures, such as power stations, telecommunication networks and transportation systems. Thanks to technological advances, these infrastructures have become increasingly dependent on one another and have emerged as interdependent networks. While interdependency enables to build systems that are(More)
Abwa!a A fifth set of heavy ion single event effects (SEE) test data have been collected (including soft errors and Iatchup) for state-of-the-art parts are evaluated. Jnt oduct r ion Ongoing SEE test programs at JPL ,The Aerospace Corporation, the European Space Agency (ESA), CNES and other organizations are continuing to assess specific part performance(More)
BACKGROUND French and Quebec legislation allow the inclusion of decisionally-incompetent subjects in research, provided certain conditions are met. In both jurisdictions, ethics committees are charged with ensuring that research protocols meet these conditions. We investigated committee members' knowledge and opinions regarding substitute consent for(More)
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