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Spermatogonial stem cells provide the foundation for continued adult spermatogenesis and their manipulation can facilitate assisted reproductive technologies or the development of transgenic animals. Because the pig is an important agricultural and biomedical research animal, the development of practical application techniques to manipulate the pig(More)
The prevention of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) reactivation would greatly reduce the incidence of the disease, particularly among the elderly. Here, we evaluated the efficacy of DNA vaccine in combination with a conventional TB chemotherapy on the prevention of M. tuberculosis reactivation. Mice were treated with isoniazid and pyrazinamide(More)
Active disease of tuberculosis (TB) can be developed decades later by either a relapse of the initial infection (endogenous reactivation) or by an entrance of the secondary infection (exogenous reinfection), since the current chemotherapy cannot lead to complete elimination of tuberculosis. Although the immunotherapeutic approaches in conjunction with(More)
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