S.J. Forrest

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The paper describes a type of variable air-gap reluctance actuator that offers potential for enhancing the dynamic performance of electromagnetic valve actuation systems for internal combustion engines. In both the stator and armature, the actuator incorporates design features that allow the force-displacement characteristic to be tailored to meet(More)
This paper evaluates switching and conduction losses of a direct AC fed converter for switched reluctance machine drives. The commutation process of the converter employing space vector modulation is analyzed, and the switching losses associated with ldquohardrdquo turn-on and ldquohardrdquo turn-off events are quantified based on experimentally validated(More)
This paper proposes an N-phase, AC fed, switched reluctance drive for aerospace applications. The proposed converter is capable of direct AC conversion and eliminates the unreliable DC link capacitor present in conventional DC supply converters. It is shown that, by space vector modulation of output current, control of active and reactive power can be(More)
This paper discusses a strategy for tailoring the individual phase current waveforms within an SRM to facilitate the internal circulation of reactive power and significantly reduce the capacitance requirements. There are many converter topologies that could be used for achieving this, but the key to its realisation is the need for the phases to draw(More)
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