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Sequencing of the human genome is nearing completion and biologists, molecular biologists, and bioinformatics specialists have teamed up to develop global genomic technologies to help decipher the complex nature of pathophysiologic gene function. This review will focus on differential gene expression in ischemic stroke. It will discuss inheritance in the(More)
Bisulfite genomic sequencing is the method of choice for the generation of methylation maps with single-base resolution. The method is based on the selective deamination of cytosine to uracil by treatment with bisulfite and the sequencing of subsequently generated PCR products. In contrast to cytosine, 5-methylcytosine does not react with bisulfite and can(More)
Density functional theory (DFT) has been used in many fields of the physical sciences, but none so successfully as in the solid state. From its origins in condensed matter physics, it has expanded into materials science, high-pressure physics and mineralogy, solid-state chemistry and more, powering entire computational subdisciplines. Modern DFT simulation(More)
Mineral-catalyzed decarboxylation reactions are important in both crude oil formation and, increasingly, biofuel production. In this study we examined decarboxylation reactions of a model fatty acid, propionic acid, C(2)H(5)COOH, to an alkane, C(2)H(6), in a model of pyrophillite with an isomorphic substitution of aluminum in the tetrahedral layer. We model(More)
The crystal structure of the orthorhombic phase of L-cysteine (hereafter L-cysteine-I) consists of chains of molecules linked via NH...O hydrogen bonds. The chains are linked into a layer by other NH...O hydrogen bonds, forming R4(4)(16) ring motifs. The layers are linked by further NH...O and disordered SH...S/SH...O interactions. The main effects of(More)
We predict the IR-TO, IR-LO and Raman modes (wave numbers and intensities) of magnesite (MgCO3) up to 50 GPa, at T = 0 K, using the densityfunctional perturbation theory up to a third order perturbation, under the harmonic assumption. The predicted IR-TO and Raman mode wave numbers, the mode Grüneisen parameters and the Davydov splittings are systematically(More)
We use a combination of experimental THz time-domain spectroscopy and ab-initio density functional perturbative theory to accurately predict the terahertz vibrational spectrum of molecules in the crystalline phase. Our calculations show that distinct vibrational modes found in solid-state materials are best described as phonon modes with strong coupling to(More)
The high-pressure crystal structure of phenol (C(6)H(5)OH), including the positions of the H atoms, has been determined using a combination of single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques and ab initio density-functional calculations. It is found that at a pressure of 0.16 GPa, which is just sufficient to cause crystallization of a sample held at a(More)
Equilibrium molecular dynamics calculations have been performed for the liquid crystal molecule n-4-(trans-4-n-pentylcyclohexyl)benzonitrile (PCH5) using a fully atomistic model. Simulation data have been obtained for a series of temperatures in the nematic phase. The simulation data have been used to calculate the flexoelectric coefficients e(s) and e(b)(More)
We present a systematic ab initio density functional theory-based study which demonstrates that even one of the simplest defects in single-wall carbon nanotubes, the reconstructed monovacancy (a pentagonal ring and a single dangling bond known as a 5-1db defect), leads to extraordinarily long-ranged structural distortions. We show that relaxation due to(More)