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Unified power flow controller (UPFC) is one of the most effective flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) devices for enhancing power system security. However, to what extent the performance of UPFC can be brought out, it highly depends upon the location and parameter setting of this device in the system. This paper presents a new approach based on(More)
This study focuses on finding the optimal location of Renewable Distributed Generators (RDGs) using Continuation Power Flow (CPF) analysis and the sensitivity factor. Also, the optimal mix of different types of RDG units (wind turbines, fuel cells, and solar photovoltaics) is selected. The CPF method is used to study the impact of the integrated RDGs on the(More)
Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices play a vital role in improving the static as well as dynamic performance of the power system. The location and size of these devices play a major role in deciding the extent to which the goal of improving the system performance is achieved in a cost effective manner. In this work, an objective function(More)
This paper presents a new Maximum Power Loss Sensitivity (MPLS) method and Modified Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm (MPGSA) to find the optimal placement and size of Distributed Generation (DG). This study aims to reduce the total power loss and to improve the voltage profile. The proposed solution method has two steps: first, the MPLS is used to select(More)
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