S J Cevario

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Data obtained suggest that preganglionic stimulation of the ciliary ganglion produces an increase of aqueous humor formation and of facility of outflow "C" through the following neurogenic pathway: (1) the preganglionic fibers synapse in the ciliary ganglion as evidenced by depression of the response with nicotine applied topically to the ganglion. (2) The(More)
Stimulation of the ciliary ganglion in an enucleated, arterially perfused cat eye preparation produced a sustained increase in aqueous humor formation and an increase in the rate of aqueous humor outflow. The increased aqueous humor formation induced by ciliary ganglion stimulation has been found to be pressure-dependent and therefore suggests that(More)
Protein permeability of the ciliary epithelium of enucleated arterially perfused cat eyes was studied. Tracer concentrations of 125I-albumin, in an arterial perfusate solution consisting of a balanced salt solution (BSS) without added colloid, was found in the anterior chamber fluid (AH) in a percentage similar to the AH/plasma ratio found for protein in(More)
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