S J Braam

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Intraverbal behavior, in which an antecedent verbal stimulus is followed by a verbal response that lacks point-to-point correspondence with that stimulus, is often lacking in mentally retarded individuals. The present studies examine the use of transfer of stimulus control procedures for developing one type of intraverbal responding (classification of(More)
Skinner (1957) proposed that the mand and the tact differed with respect to their unique antecedents and consequences. The present study examined the specific reinforcement characteristic of the mand, and the nonspecific reinforcement characteristic of the tact. A severely mentally impaired individual who used sign language served as subject. A(More)
The current study is a systematic replication and extension of previous research on the differences between specific (mand) and nonspecific (tact) reinforcement. The focus was on the role that these different consequences played in the acquisition of verbal behavior. Using both a within-subject and a between-subjects design, the current researchers trained(More)
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