S. J. Ben Yoo

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There continues to be ever increasing demand for bandwidth, to the point where, just as 10 Gb/s technology has reached maturity, service providers (SPs) are already installing higher bit rates, including 40 Gb/s and now 100 Gb/s per wavelength.1 The 50 GHz International Telecommunication Union (ITU) wavelength grid divides the relevant optical spectrum(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive study of contention-resolution schemes in a multi-wavelength optical packet-switched network. This investigation aims to provide a unified study of a network of optical routers, which include contention resolution in wavelength, time, and space dimensions. Specifically, we show (1) how to accommodate all three dimensions(More)
This paper discusses the architecture and performance studies of Datacenter Optical Switch (DOS) designed for scalable and high-throughput interconnections within a data center. DOS exploits wavelength routing characteristics of a switch fabric based on an Arrayed Waveguide Grating Router (AWGR) that allows contention resolution in the wavelength domain.(More)
The fast evolution of networks has been continuously driven by new advances in enabling technologies, as well as the growth of Internet traffic. All-optical packet switching provides high throughput, rich routing functionalities, and excellent flexibility. These characteristics make it an excellent candidate for next-generation metropolitan area networks,(More)
We introduce a dynamic optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) technique that produces bandwidth scalable, continuous waveforms of near perfect fidelity. Additionally, OAWG's complement, real-time arbitrary optical waveform measurement (OAWM) is discussed. These approaches utilize gigahertz-bandwidth electronics to generate, or measure, truly arbitrary(More)
This paper discusses the new architecture and protocol of Optical-Label switching in light of its interworking with MPLS and MPLambdaS networks. The dynamic and agile characteristics of Optical-Label switching indicate its support of diverse QoS, CoS, and ToS services while interoperating packet and circuit switching. Optical-Label switching routers employ(More)
We demonstrate an optical transmitter based on dynamic optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) which is capable of creating high-bandwidth (THz) data waveforms in any modulation format using the parallel synthesis of multiple coherent spectral slices. As an initial demonstration, the transmitter uses only 5.5 GHz of electrical bandwidth and two(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of contention-resolution schemes based on wavelength, time, and space domains in an unslotted optical packet-switched network with a large irregular mesh topology consisted of 15 nodes. For the first time, to the best of our knowledge, we investigated the effect of selective deflection and limited wavelength(More)
This paper investigates the spectrum fragmentation issue, which undermines the bandwidth efficiency in elastic optical networks. After categorizing the two-dimensional fragmentation problem as the fragmentation and misalignment subproblems, this paper proposes joint routing and spectrum assignment (RSA) algorithms to alleviate the spectral fragmentation in(More)