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The effects of sub-lethal doses of endotoxin on plasma glucose, glucagon, insulin, glucocorticoids and non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) were determined in rats. Endotoxin did not change the plasma concentration of glucocorticoids, but blocked the effects of elevated glucocorticoid hormone concentrations on both plasma glucose and hepatic tryptophan(More)
The characteristics and site of inhibition of gluconeogenesis by endotoxin were investigated in liver cells isolated from control and endotoxin-treated rats. Endotoxin treatment was associated with inhibition (40-50%) of gluconeogenesis from lactate plus pyruvate over a range of concentrations of substrate and of oleate and with or without glucose or(More)
We describe here a simple and convenient method for assay of tryptophan 5-monooxygenase (hydroxylase), applicable to enzyme in all states of purification. It is based on the enzyme-catalysed formation of 5-hydroxy-[4-3H]tryptophan from [5-3H]tryptophan, and the subsequent acid-dependent quantitative release of 3H as 3H2O; unreacted substrate is removed with(More)
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