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A retrospective and prospective study of 1,000 ambulatory and hospitalized diabetic patients was done in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudis completed 777 (77.7%) and non-Saudis 223 (22.3%). Sex distribution was equal among Saudis, males 389 (50.1%) and females 388 (49.9%), but non-Saudi males were predominant at 153 (68.6%), non-Saudi females 70 (31.4%)(More)
Absence status epilepticus following metrizamide myelography was associated with computed tomographic scan evidence of a high concentration of the dye in brain gray matter. We suggest that absence status epilepticus is due to the direct effect of metrizamide on the cortex and that this clinically treatable condition may have escaped diagnosis in previous(More)
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