S. J. Abou-Samra

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This paper will first address the following issues: why a voltage transition causes power dissipation, what causes a transition, what are useful and redundant transitions, how information redundancy may reduce the number of transitions, how to statistically measure the average number of transitions (or activity). In a second part, the paper will show the(More)
This paper addresses three topics: First, a new three-dimensional CMOS-SOI on SOI technology is presented, then design methodologies are proposed for this technology and last, a comparison is carried out between 2D and 3D designs. In this technology the P-channel devices are stacked over the N-channel ones. All gates are l00nm length. New design constraints(More)
Adder architectures are presented here by an unified formalism, and analysed from the delay, complexity and power consumption points of view. An analytical model for the power consumption is derived, assuming that it is proportional to the transition density [DHNT95]. The model is subsequently validated by simulation using a signal transition probabilities(More)
Levels of plasma amino acids and muscle concentrations of energy substrates and metabolites after shock in the Macaca mulatta Rhesus monkey were investigated. The hemodynamic response to shock is similar to that of previously reported studies of primates in shock. Plasma glucose and ASAT increased significantly, while levels of ALAT and pyruvic acid did not(More)