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Cellular loss of Mg is associated with uncoupling of oxydative phosphorylation and disruption of Mg-dependent intra-mitochondrial enzyme systems. The link of Mg loss and its association with intracellular Ca accumulation in the pathogenesis of myocardial fiber necrosis (MFN) has been clearly established in dietary Mg deficiency. Rapid loss of myocardial Mg(More)
Context is the brain of ubiquitous computing. All the intelligence to the ubiquitous system comes from the knowledge of the context. The context is obtained after the processing and reasoning of different sensor data. These sensors are physically distributed in real world. With the advancement in sensing, processing and communication technologies, a(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in dietary intake and appetite across the menopausal transition. SUBJECTS/METHODS This was a 5-year observational, longitudinal study on the menopausal transition. The study included 94 premenopausal women at baseline (age: 49.9±1.9 years; BMI: 23.3±2.3 kg/m2). Body composition(More)
Human activity is an important context in ubiquitous computing. This paper presents the hardware and software design and development of a low-cost, wearable and IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee compliant mote with triaxial accelerometer, Acc-Triax for the monitoring of human physical activities and leg postures. Acc-Triax which is placed in trouser pocket does(More)
Objectives—Factors that influence weight gain during the menopausal transition are not fully understood. The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in energy expenditure (EE) across the menopausal transition. Methods—One hundred and two premenopausal women (age: 49.9 ± 1.9 yrs; BMI: 23.3 ± 2.2 kg/m2) were followed for 5 years. Body composition(More)
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