S Ia Tuchkova

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It has been already established that a tendency towards synchronization and acceleration of the forelimb and lens regeneration is observed in Pleurodeles waltlii under the effect of space flight factors. Here we present the results obtained after 16-day space flight of two groups of newts. In animals of group I forelimbs were amputated and lenses were(More)
The influence of space flight factors on the structure of two skeletal muscles of the hindlimbs was studied in newts. Degenerative-atrophic changes took place in the both muscles of the flight group animals. Comparative-quantitative analysis of ultrastructural changes of the muscle tissue has shown that after space flight, the rate of structural defects of(More)
The work brought up initial information on the impacts of space flight (SF) on regeneration of nerve tissues in vertebrata. Summarized are data of analysis of the retinal regeneration following section of the ocular nerve and blood vessels in space-flown adult newts (Pleurodeles waltlii). Two weeks in SF were found not to impede the regeneration of retina(More)