S. I. Sitkin

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The paper presents the All-Russian consensus on the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease in children and adults, which has been elaborated by leading experts, such as gastroenterologists and pediatricians of Russia on the basis of the existing Russian and international guidelines. The consensus approved at the 42nd Annual Scientific Session of the(More)
Histochemical studies with Congo red (to determine the size of an acid forming area) and methylene blue (to detect enterolization foci) were carried out in 46 and 45 patients with chronic ulcer in the stomach body, respectively. Gastrobiopsy specimens from the fundal and pyloric gland portions were subjected to a morphological study. A follow-up over a(More)
The paper discusses the concept of the superorganism of man and his microbiota. A unique and little-known details regarding mutualistic relationship of the host and its microbiome are represented. The main metabolic effects of the gut microbiota of the intestine are described. The use of microbial metabolites as autoregulatory substances in experiments and(More)
The disturbances in synchronous functioning of gastroduodenal and biliary system and in their consequent interaction underlies functional disorders of the digestive tract. Motor and evacuation functioning of the gastrointestinal tract depends on the bile flow to the duodenum, which influences on digestive processes. Functional disorders of the biliary(More)
The effects of blood metabolites and model cell culture exometabolites found in the human and animal blood metabolomes have been assessed. Specifically, the influence of carboxylic acids that are structural analogues of amino acids and the drug Aktoflor-C have been studied. Methods of organotypic culturing of rat tissues and Escherichia coli bacterial(More)