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Carcinoid tumor of the pancreas is rare. Moreover, obstructive pancreatitis secondary to a pancreatic carcinoid tumor is extremely rare. We report a case of pancreatic carcinoid tumor in a 50-year-old male who presented with pancreatitis. On multislice helical computed tomography, the main pancreatic duct was obstructed by a small round tumor, and the main(More)
This article reports on a retinal stimulation system for long-term use in animal electrical stimulation experiments. The presented system consisted of an implantable stimulator which provided continuous electrical stimulation, and an external component which provided preset stimulation patterns and power to the implanted stimulator via a paired radio(More)
The recent development of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) and the parallel escalation in the capabilities of the workstation allow the use of high-quality multiplanar and three-dimensional reconstruction images. As a noninvasive technique, MDCT dedicated to the biliary tract represents an alternative to magnetic resonance cholangiography. The(More)
Although winter dysentery (WD), which is caused by the bovine coronavirus (BCoV) is characterized by the sudden onset of diarrhea in many adult cattle in a herd, the pathogenesis of the WD-BCoV is not completely understood. In this study, colostrum-deprived calves were experimentally infected with a Korean WD-BCoV strain and examined for viremia, enteric(More)
To evaluate the incidence, management methods and follow-up results of arterial embolism during percutaneous thrombectomy of hemodialysis grafts. After Institutional Review Board approval, the radiologic database of our department for percutaneous thrombectomy procedure in hemodialysis access was retrospectively reviewed. Between 1998 and June 2014, 2975(More)
Panton-Valentine leucocidin (PVL)-positive sequence type (ST)8-MRSA-SCCmec IVa (USA300) is the epidemic strain of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) in North America. USA300 is extremely rare in South Korea, and PVL-negative ST72 SCCmec type IVc is the predominant CA-MRSA clone. In a multicentre, prospective cohort(More)
UNLABELLED Pulmonary lobar transplantation provides a clue to the acute donor shortage. To examine the experimental and clinical applicability of lobar transplantation, the authors observed the extent of lung expansion and infiltrate in the allografted lobe through the sequential analysis of the early chest roentgenograms. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty two(More)
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