I. S. Park3
Y. O. Ahn2
Y. J. Shin1
3I. S. Park
2Y. O. Ahn
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The purpose of this study was to estimate the national prevalence of childhood asthma and other allergic diseases in Korea, and to determine potential risk factors for the diseases. Stratified random samples of 42,886 were selected from 34 elementary (6-12 yr olds) and 34 middle schools (12-15 yr olds) nationwide, and 38,955 were in the final analysis. The(More)
We performed this study to evaluate the prevalence of reflux esophagitis and/or hiatal hernia in patients referred to a medical center and to examine the relationship between endoscopic reflux esophagitis and hiatal hernia. The study was carried out in 1,010 patients referred to Yong Dong Severance Hospital for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy because of(More)
This study was performed to investigate the etiologic agents, age distribution, clinical manifestations and seasonal occurrence of acute viral lower respiratory tract infections in children. We confirmed viral etiologies using nasopharyngeal aspirates in 237 patients of the ages of 15 years or younger who were hospitalized for acute lower respiratory tract(More)
This study aimed to find out the morbid status of Korean physicians living in Korea, as one part of a feasibility study on the Korean physician cohort. It was performed by mail survey using a self-administered questionnaire from Jan. 1, 1995 through Dec. 31, 1995. Study subjects were 21,552 including 17,877 (81.1%) males and 3,384 (15.5%) females. Person(More)
The authors report a typical case of tenosynovial giant cell tumor of the right middle finger of a 31-year-old man. Histologically, this tumor is characterized by a discrete proliferation of rounded synovial-like cells accompanied by a variable number of multinucleated giant cells, inflammatory cells, and xanthoma cells. Clinicopathologically, this tumor is(More)
The polymerase chain reaction in situ hybridization (PCR-ISH) is a new technique that combines the sensitivity of PCR with the localizing ability of ISH. To investigate the expression pattern of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in the tissue of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), we detected HBV-DNA with PCR-ISH in paraffin-embedded tumor and corresponding non-tumor(More)
We performed a thermographic study to observe any possible interaction between the esophageal acid perfusion and the temperature changes of skin surface in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Twenty-seven patients with GERD were categorized as group I(globus symptoms with posterior laryngitis) and group II (heartburn and/or regurgitation(More)
Ectopic pancreas is no longer a rare clinical condition, but its unusual clinical manifestations, locations or complications are of clinical interest. We experienced a case (a 48 year-old male patient) of duodenal ectopic pancreas complicated by chronic pancreatitis and pseudocyst formation of which preoperative imaging findings mimicked a large duodenal(More)
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