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The purpose of this study was to estimate the national prevalence of childhood asthma and other allergic diseases in Korea, and to determine potential risk factors for the diseases. Stratified random samples of 42,886 were selected from 34 elementary (6-12 yr olds) and 34 middle schools (12-15 yr olds) nationwide, and 38,955 were in the final analysis. The(More)
A randomized controlled trial to evaluate the long-term outcomes of laparoscopic distal gastrectomy for gastric cancer is currently ongoing in Korea. Patients with cT1N0M0-cT2aN0M0 (American Joint Committee on Cancer, 6th edition) distal gastric cancer were randomized to receive either laparoscopic or open distal gastrectomy. For surgical quality control,(More)
PURPOSE This study was aimed to investigate the relationship between indoor air pollutant levels and residential environment in children with atopic dermatitis (AD) living in Seoul. METHODS A total of 150 children with AD were included. Residential environment was assessed by questionnaires which were completed by their parents. To evaluate the level of(More)
To validate the prevalence rate of symptoms of asthma produced by the phase I ISAAC (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood) study, hypertonic saline challenge test was carried out during the phase II study at a year after the phase I study. For the phase II study, six middle schools from three cities in the phase I study were selected.(More)
The components of the herb Magnolia officinalis have exhibited antioxidant and neuroprotective activities. In this study, we investigated effects of ethanol extract of M.officinalis and its major component 4-O-methylhonokiol on memory dysfunction and neuronal cell damages caused by A beta. Oral pretreatment of ethanol extract of M. officinalis (2.5, 5 and(More)
X-linked Opitz G/BBB syndrome (XLOS; MIM 300000) is a rare multiple congenital anomaly disorder that is characterized by facial anomalies, laryngeal/tracheal/esophageal defects and genitourinary abnormalities. XLOS is caused by mutations in the MID1 gene which encodes a microtubule-associated RING-Bbox-Coiled-coil (RBCC) protein. We recently found a(More)
A 33-year-old male patient with multiple sclerosis (MS) received an emergency laparotomy because of perforated appendicitis. He had been suffering from MS for 2 years and the symptoms of MS were paraplegia and urinary incontinence. Anesthesia was induced with propofol and remifentanil and maintained with nitrous oxide, sevoflurane and remifentanil.(More)
PURPOSE It is known that ovomucoid, an egg allergen, is heat resistant and remains soluble after heating. However, a recent study showed that the antigenic activity of ovomucoid could be reduced by heating when egg white (EW) was mixed with wheat flour. This study was performed to determine the influence of wheat flour on the antigenic activities of EW(More)
This study aimed to find out the morbid status of Korean physicians living in Korea, as one part of a feasibility study on the Korean physician cohort. It was performed by mail survey using a self-administered questionnaire from Jan. 1, 1995 through Dec. 31, 1995. Study subjects were 21,552 including 17,877 (81.1%) males and 3,384 (15.5%) females. Person(More)
PURPOSE We investigated whether particular HLA-DRB1 polymorphisms contribute to egg allergy development in Korean children with atopic dermatitis (AD). METHODS HLA-DRB1 alleles were determined by PCR-sequence-specific oligonucleotide (SSO) and PCR-single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) methods in 185 patients with AD and 109 normal control (NC)(More)