S.-I. Kitamura

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Lymphocystis disease virus (LCDV) is the causative agent of lymphocystis disease. In this study, nucleotide sequences of the major capsid protein (MCP) gene were analyzed among LCDV isolates from Japanese flounder and rockfish. A phylogenetic tree revealed three clusters for lymphocystiviruses. The first cluster included Japanese flounder isolates; the(More)
 This study examines the seasonal occurrence and infective state of marine birnavirus (MABV) in cultured Japanese pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata). Planted oysters were sampled monthly in 1997 and 1998. To detect MABV in the oysters, PCR and virus isolation were carried out. Also, the indirect fluorescent antibody technique (IFAT) was performed to know the(More)
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