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The nucleotide sequence (1974 bp) of cDNA coding for membrane-bound alkaline phosphatases (m-ALP) of Bombyx mori was isolated. The cDNA clone contained an open reading frame encoding a polypeptide (547 amino acids), which contains a hydrophobic signal peptide of 36 amino acids and the mature protein of 511 amino acids (Mr = 56,163). We found a highly(More)
Although recent papers have suggested that psychological factors are implicated in the experience of infertility, few studies have assessed this relationship in a sample of Japanese infertile women. This study was carried out in order to clarify whether Japanese infertile women experience emotional distress. A cross-sectional questionnaire study was(More)
In Drosophila, imaginal wing discs, Wg and Dpp, play important roles in the development of sensory organs. These secreted growth factors govern the positions of sensory bristles by regulating the expression of achaete-scute (ac-sc), genes affecting neuronal precursor cell identity. Earlier studies have shown that Dally, an integral membrane, heparan(More)
The mechanism of sex-dependent expression of a major plasma protein, referred to as storage protein 1 (SP-1) was studied during development of the silkworm, Bombyx mori. SP-1 occurred in the hemolymph of the female as well as in the male larvae until the end of the fourth larval instar. In the last instar larvae, the amount of SP-1 in the hemolymph greatly(More)
A group of structurally related proteins, referred to as '30K proteins', accumulate in a stage-dependent fashion in the larval hemolymph of the silkworm, Bombyx mori. To investigate the regulatory mechanisms of the 30K protein biosynthesis in the fat body, mRNA sequences coding for these plasma proteins were cloned and their structures and expression during(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence of antiphospholipid antibodies to both anionic and zwitterionic phospholipids in women with early recurrent pregnancy losses (RPLs). DESIGN Retrospective data analysis. SETTING Tokai University Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan. PATIENT(S) One hundred thirty-nine patients with unexplained early RPLs. INTERVENTION(S)(More)
Heparan sulfate, one of the most abundant components of the cell surface and the extracellular matrix, is involved in a variety of biological processes such as growth factor signaling, cell adhesion, and enzymatic catalysis. The heparan sulfate chains have markedly heterogeneous structures in which distinct sequences of sulfate groups determine specific(More)
Two forms of storage proteins termed "SP 1" and "SP 2", respectively, accumulate in a stage-dependent fashion in the larval hemolymph of the silkworm Bombyx mori. We have cloned and analyzed the genomic sequence encoding SP 2, an arylphorin-type storage protein. The SP 2 structural gene contains five exons spanning over 5 kilobases of chromosomal DNA. The(More)
Vitellogenin of Bombyx mori is a precursor of major yolk protein synthesized in the female fat body at larval-pupal ecdysis. The gene for B. mori vitellogenin is composed of seven exons interspersed by six introns. Developmental profile of the primary transcript of the gene indicated that the biosynthesis of B. mori vitellogenin is regulated(More)
Vitellogenin, a precursor of major yolk protein of the silkworm, Bombyx mori is a tetramer composed of each two molecules of heavy and light subunits. We cloned mRNA sequence for the B. mori vitellogenin and analyzed its structure. Sequence alignment of several overlapping cDNA clones indicated that the vitellogenin mRNA is approx. 5.7 kb, containing an(More)