S. I. El-Soubhy

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Efficiently direct solvers based on the Jacobi–Galerkin method for the integrated forms of second-order elliptic equations in one and two space variables are presented. They are based on appropriate base functions for the Galerkin formulation which lead to discrete systems with specially structured matrices that can be efficiently inverted. The homogeneous(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 2. Preliminaries Let w α,β x 1 − x α 1 x β be a weight function in the usual sense for α, β > −1. The set of Jacobi polynomials {P α,β k x } k 0 forms a complete L 2 w α,β −1, 1 -orthogonal system, and ∥ ∥ ∥P α,β k ∥ ∥ ∥ 2 w α,β h α,β k 2 β 1Γ k α 1 Γ ( k β 1 ) ( 2k α β 1 ) Γ k 1 Γ ( k α β 1 ) . 2.1 Here, L2 w α,β −1, 1 is a weighted(More)
We extend the application of Legendre-Galerkin algorithms for sixth-order elliptic problems with constant coefficients to sixth-order elliptic equations with variable polynomial coefficients. The complexities of the algorithm are O(N) operations for a one-dimensional domain with N − 5 unknowns. An efficient and accurate direct solution for algorithms based(More)
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