S. I. Asatov

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Subunit C has a very low solubility under the conditions of enzymatic cleavage, which makes it necessary to increase the time of digestion of the protein: in the case of chymotrypsin to 16-20 h and for trypsin to 2-3 days. Only with such prolonged action was it possible to achieve appreciable cleavage of the chain. Of course, with an increase in the time of(More)
Decreasing the average tablet weight without loss of product quality, development of technological processes, implementation of domestic supplementary substances, creation of tablets with controlled release of biologically active components, and obtaining products possessing increased stability are currently important problems in pharmaceutical technology.(More)
The 11S globulins of two varieties of the cotton plant — 108-F and Tashkent-1 — have been studied. It has been shown that the 11S globulins do not differ in quaternary structure and each consists of three subunits A, B, and C. It has been found that the subunits of these varieties differ in their amino acid compositions and the peptide maps of tryptic and(More)
It has been established by a polarographic analysis of the globulins of cotton seeds that the 7S and 11S golublins possess a two-step polarographic wave with a half-wave potential of −1.42 V. On the basis of the results of a study of the kinetics of thermal denaturation the high lability of the 11S globulin on heating has been shown. The conditions have(More)
1. The structures of 51 chymotryptic peptides isolated from a chymotryptic hydrolyzate of subunit C have been determined. 2. The structures of 15 tryptic peptides from a tryptic hydrolyzate of subunit C have been established. 3. On the basis of the structures of the peptides, the structure of the molecule of subunit C of the 11S globulin of cotton seeds has(More)
We have reported previously that the IIS globulin has a complex quaternary structure including threetypes of subunlt [I]. To study the primary structure of subunit C we have cleaved it with trypsin (Worthington). The reaction was performed with a suspension of 0.25 g of the reduced and carboxymethylated protein in 0.2 M ammonia--acetate buffer, pH 8.8 at an(More)
A decrease in the average weight of tablets without loss of their quality, substitution of technical compounds for alimentary substances, use of supplementary compounds obtained from domestic raw materials, and increase in the stability of the final products are current tasks of pharmaceutical technology. Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) finds wide(More)
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