S. Huyghe

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Peroxisomal metabolism is essential for normal brain development both in men and in mice. Using conditional knock-out mice, we recently showed that peroxisome deficiency in liver has a severe and persistent impact on the formation of cortex and cerebellum, whereas absence of functional peroxisomes from the CNS only causes developmental delays without(More)
In humans, mutations inactivating multifunctional protein-2 (MFP-2), and thus peroxisomal beta-oxidation, cause neuronal heterotopia and demyelination, which is clinically reflected by hypotonia, seizures, and death within the first year of life. In contrast, our recently generated MFP-2-deficient mice did not show neurodevelopmental abnormalities but(More)
This paper demonstrates the complementary relation between functional parameters and electroluminescence spectroscopy for reliability investigations of 1550 nm Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers of 700 µm length active region. Ageing tests have been set to 270 mA-100°C-1500 h and realized on two different wafers showing more impact on wafer 1 than on wafer 2.(More)
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