S. Huber

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The 'rain use efficiency' (RUE) may be defined as the ratio of above-ground net primary productivity (ANPP) to annual precipitation, and it is claimed to be a conservative property of the vegetation cover in drylands, if the vegetation cover is not subject to non-precipitation related land degradation. Consequently, RUE may be regarded as means of(More)
This paper discusses the present data acquisition system (DAQ) of the COMPASS experiment at CERN and presents development of a new DAQ. The new DAQ must preserve present data format and be able to communicate with FPGA cards. Parts of the new DAQ are based on state machines and they are implemented in C++ with usage of the QT framework, the DIM library, and(More)
The Water Observation and Information System (WOIS) is an open source software tool for monitoring, assessing and inventorying water resources in a cost-effective manner using Earth Observation (EO) data. The WOIS has been developed by, among others, the authors of this paper under the TIGER-NET project, which is a major component of the TIGER initiative of(More)
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