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Unsere Beobachtungen an 24 Patienten über einen Zeitraum von knapp 7 Jahren haben jedoch gezeigt, daß hier einige Schwachpunkte bisheriger Verfahren behoben sind und die Vorteile der osseointegrierten Verfahren uneingeschränkt zum Tragen kommen. Darüber hinaus können die Vorteile von Silikonkautschuk in der Epithesenfertigung besser genutzt werden.
Airflow patterns of nasal cavities in a human nasal fossa model were examined in this study. Our 1:1 model of the whole nose (both nasal fossae were moulded) gives a good insight into all parts of the nasal cavities. Staining of flow paths visualised that the main stream of air flow passes through the inferior nasal duct in inspiration and expiration. All(More)
Reconstructive surgery does not always provide for sufficient functional, cosmetic und esthetic results of bone defects, loss of soft tissues and sense organs. 57 patients were treated by the "Bochum study group for oro-facial rehabilitation" from 1990 to 1992 using implant-retained prostheses. The advantages of the "Snap-Button-System" used for retention(More)
We present a new method of individual tracheal valve fitting for laryngectomized patients with voice prosthesis. In cases with morphologically poor tracheostoma the adhesion of the tracheal cannula or valve ring might be impaired by reduced contact surface to the skin. In some cases obligatory circumferential occlusion leads to stretching and higher tension(More)
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