S. Honary

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— Mobility tracking based on data from wireless cellular networks is a key challenge that has been recently investigated both from a theoretical and practical point of view. This paper proposes Monte Carlo techniques for mobility tracking in wireless communication networks by means of received signal strength indications. These techniques allow for accurate(More)
The need for eco-friendly and cost effective methods for nanoparticles synthesis is developing interest in biological approaches which are free from the use of toxic chemicals as byproducts. This study aimed to biosynthesize and optimize the size of gold nanoparticles which produced by biotechnological method using Penicillium crustosum isolated from soil.(More)
s c i t u mace ar h P. net. ABSTRACT Similarity in Dissolution behavior of drugs has long been sought from the percpective of both bioavailability and quality control considrations. The objective of this study was to apply several profile comparison to dissolution data of three different batches of Indomethacin (SR) which two of them were German products as(More)
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