S Holzrichter

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An assessment of the efficacy of treatments in panic disorder and agoraphobia (PDA) is complicated by methodological problems resulting from the complexity of these disorders. In this paper, commonly used anxiety scales are discussed with regard to their relevance in the assessment of PDA. Although there are already many scales for assessing anxiety and(More)
Seventeen renal cell carcinomas (RCC) were classified histologically and investigated for their expression of L- and M2-pyruvate kinase (PK) immunohistochemically. Using monoclonal antibodies we were able to demonstrate L-PK within 15 RCC and two metastases (in thyroid gland and bone) after fixation with aceton and paraffin embedding. In normal renal tissue(More)
We investigated the therapeutic effect of marked body weight reduction on the predominantly obstructive sleep apnea syndrome by the application of an out-patient, behaviour therapy based body weight reduction program (Optifast-program) in 5 of our obese apnea patients. Mean body weight reduction was 32.7 +/- 15.8 kg after 6 months. The mean apnea-index of(More)
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