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Multipole analyses of the p(γ, π◦), p(γ, π) and p(γ, γ) reactions are carried out using different data sets. With sufficient constraints from polarization observables, the ratio of E2/M1 transition amplitudes for N → ∆ (EMR) appears to be largely insensitive to differences between recent p(γ, π◦) cross section measurements. We deduce a current best estimate(More)
We report new measurements of inclusive pi production from frozen-spin HD for polarized photon beams covering the Delta(1232) resonance. These provide data simultaneously on both H and D with nearly complete angular distributions of the spin-difference cross sections entering the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn (GDH) sum rule. Recent results from Mainz and Bonn(More)
A proton spin-polarizability characterizing backward Compton scattering has been extracted from a dispersion analysis of data between 33 and 309 MeV. This backward spinpolarizability, δπ =[27.1 ± 2.2(stat+sys) +2.8/-2.4(model)] × 10 fm, differs significantly from theoretical estimates and indicates a new contribution from the non-perturbative spinstructure(More)
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