S . Higgins

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The purpose of this article is to provide a framework for understanding motor skill and the process by which it is acquired. A selective historical overview is presented to demonstrate how the study of movement is a necessary preliminary to the study of motor skill learning. The phenomenon of skill is explored as an inherent feature of goal-directed(More)
ator control system from TACL to EPICS, affecting device control for the RF system, magnets, the machine protection system, the vacuum and valves, and the diagnostic systems including beam position monitors (BPMs), harps, and the camera and solenoid devices (beam viewers, faraday cups, optical transition radiation viewers, synchrotron radiation monitor,(More)
Thanks to the advent of information technologies, the emergence of commercial products for electronic clinical trials has improved many aspects of conducting clinical trials. While there are many new options available to facilitate the collection of patient data, little advancements have been made in the way in which information generated from the(More)
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