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Widely tunable low-threshold current laser diodes fabricated from an engineered multiple-quantum-well (MQW) gain structure consisting of three compressively strained In/sub 0.2/Ga/sub 0.8/As wells of different thicknesses are reported. Using a grating in an external cavity, a continuous-wave tuning range of 70 nm (911-981 nm) is measured for a 155-/spl mu/m(More)
We demonstrate for the first time the CW performance of AlGaAs-GaAs vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) at cryogenic temperatures from 6 K to 200 K. By detuning the cavity mode with respect to the gain peak so that optimum dc lasing operation is achieved at -100 K, we find that this optimum lasing performance can be maintained down to(More)
Nanoscale spatial phase modulation of GaN grown on a 355-nm period array of V-grooves fabricated in a Si(001) substrate is reported. Orientation-dependent selective nucleation of GaN in metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy begins from the opposing Si{111} sidewalls and rapidly fills each V-groove. At the initial stages of growth, the GaN deposited on the(More)
We describe a novel "see-through" indium-tin-oxide contact on the n-side of a high power unstable resonator semiconductor laser (URSL) that allows direct observation of the cavity during high power operation. Under optimized annealing conditions this transparent ITO contact has a low enough specific contact resistivity to permit normal high power CW(More)
We show that the spatially and spectrally resolved near-field images of unstable resonator semiconductor lasers (URSL) can be used to measure the lateral refractive index variation that is intentionally incorporated into these devices. Several URSL lasers, with different lateral index profiles, were measured using this technique and good agreement was found(More)
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