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The link between the spectral shape of the beam attenuation spectrum and the shape of the particle size distribution (PSD) of oceanic particles is revisited to evaluate the extent to which one can be predicted from the other. Assuming a hyperbolic (power-law) PSD, N(D) ? D(-xi), past studies have found for an infinite distribution of nonabsorbing spheres(More)
Eggs of two small Australian lizards, Lampropholis guichenoti and Bassiana duperreyi, were incubated to hatching at 25 °C and 30 °C. Incubation periods were significantly longer at 25 °C in both species, and temperature had a greater effect on the incubation period of B. duperreyi (41.0 days at 25 °C; 23.1 days at 30 °C) than L. guichenoti (40.1 days at 25(More)
Unwashed, sliced, batch-fried potato crisps have a unique texture and are growing in popularity in the UK/EU premium snack food market. In this study, the storage stability of unwashed sliced (high surface starch) potatoes (crisps) fried in regular sunflower oil (SO) or in high oleic sunflower oil (HOSO) was compared over accelerated shelf life testing(More)
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